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Me and Patrick went to watch (My Bloody Valentine 3D) it was such a good film, it made us interactive on a while new level we felt one with the film and the 3D just enhanced the experience. The 3D aspect was extraordinary film was literally in your face and the pick-axe with a human eye attached to it was in touching distance. Unreal experience. 




  1. MezP Said:

    Blog feedback:
    Yes! And so what are the implications for immersive technologies – apply this experience of yours to the illusion spaces outlined earlier in the module – how similar/different are they. If you read the Grau he explains that those rooms (however flat and ordinary they seem in comparison to your experience in the cinema) exerted immense emotional influence because of their subject matter -often sacred/religious or touching on archetypal fears… interesting stuff. How is this similar/different to My Bloody Valentine?

  2. MezP Said:

    More blogging Craig – your workbook is shaping up and your artefact is almost there…. 🙂

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