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POV or point of view is used to give the audience a sense of being inside the character, you see what they see, for instance say in a action film, the hero could be looking for the villain and the director sets the mood so that you the viewer are inside the hero and engaging in the suspense of finding them before they find you.

POV is used 99% of the time infilms we see today, its a camera angle which has really grown and is mainly used in Horror genres to scare the audience, but it hasn’t always been around, Dziga Vertov used POV in 1929 in the film man with a movie camera, viewers literally jumped out of their seats and ran when they saw the train what they thought was crashing in through the cinema screen, because they hadn’t seen anything like this before it scared them and many others, Vertov was a man way before his time, his ideas of editing, camera angles and special effects baffled the audience, critics and other directors, Manovich says he inspired others to experiment.

POV was such a simple idea made famous by it’s effect and impact it has on the audience. 🙂


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  1. Mez Said:

    Well done – blog looking a little fuller and sounds like your workbook’s getting there too.

    See you tomorrow

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