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Posteto – Huit

The Sistine Chapel is a great example of Immersion, being able to look everywhere, 360 degrees and see nothing but art, being completely surrounded and included in the art. It’s not art as in one subject viewing a piece of art instead te subject and the art are one.   




Posteto – Sept

I decided upon the idea of the Space Station Search. i have been doing my workbook for the past 3 hours and we can see a steady improvement to the workbook. Very happy with the  way in which the workbook is coming along and also very happy that i have already decided upon a final idea and have a clear narrative, so feel im moving in the correct direction. 🙂

Posteto – Six

This video of Minority Report is a great example of futuristic interaction, the possibility of interacting with a computer based component and selecting files and moving them around like, we would move files around on a PC with a mouse. 

This is interaction and wireless to the extreme. 🙂

Posteto – Cinq

In this post I simply have an idea in my head and thought it could make an interested narrative.

I thought that the idea could be around the idea of open space, i will start it off with a astronaut in space attached to a cable, the user will have to click multiply on a reel and reel the astronaut into the space station door to be able to move on to the next layer. In this first shot the user will be able to see the earth and part of the space station, moving stars to add that feel of alone and bliss. The user will need to enter a code in the astronaut pocket to be able to enter the space station through a air tight door.

When the astronaut is inside the space station the user will have to path to take they can either go left and head down a corridor with red flashing light or the user can go right and climb up a ladder. both paths have alternative outcomes, one will take the user into a dark place where they will have to find light to be able to find the next clue to advance to their next stage. The ladder path will take the user into a deck, the user can see visually see flashing lights on a control panel one button will open another hatch which the user will need to climb up, but there will be many buttons so the user can spend time playing around pressing buttons, pressing the wrong button could possibly mean that a red flashing light will appear or a sound which would indicate incorrect. in the end the user will either reach one place with one outcome or they will get stuck and die. these are simply just and initial idea and if i was to adapt this some areas would obviously change.

Posteto – Quatre

This piece of music called STILL ALIVE, by Lisa Miskovsky is on the new game Mirrors Edge, this is most certainly an interactive game. The trailer inspired me to want to play this game and also know how it was created! hmmm… 🙂

Posteto – Trois

I wasn’t really inspired this week, some could say i was in a inspired coma, this video below is of someone also waking up from their coma. 🙂 which is what i will do next week!!

Posteto – Deux

This is to follow the previous video

Posteto – Un

This is a test video upload from i chose this video because it is a Interactive Game.